Why Brand Your Fleet?

Every day your vehicles drive past thousands of people who could be among your best customers, prospects, vendors and/or investors. Vehicles unmarked with company branding, however, pass by these key audiences unnoticed.

Learn why branding your fleet can be such a valuable investment for your business.

How it works

Based on its location, a branded vehicle can receive tens of thousands of impressions per day, making your brand more recognisable and therefore accessible. This “organic marketing”—that is, turning assets that are already in use for other purposes into effective marketing tools, goes a long way in supporting your corporate image.

All it takes is a little vehicle branding. Whether your vehicles feature a simple logo or a full-coverage “billboard”-style wrap advertisement, they can promote a high-impact advertising strategy that turns heads, increases brand recognition and grows your business.

At the surface level, branding tells the world who you are. At a deeper level, it reinforces your corporate image. Virtually all corporations have major initiatives in place to enhance their image, often focusing on areas like corporate responsibility, sustainability, safety and community involvement. Whether you’re a small or medium-sized company trying to differentiate yourself in a highly competitive field, or an industry leader trying to present a new advertising campaign, vehicle branding can often offer a low-cost way to achieve your goals.

The value of vehicle branding

Global vinyl manufacturer 3M have performed a study in the US to understand just how many people a branded vehicle can reach. They then benchmarked this against other forms of media to give an approximate ‘cost per thousand views’.

Keep in mind that this is data from the US, based on a limited testing period with a small fleet of vehicles. Costs are in US dollars, and are relative to their market pricing; however, this study provides a good indication as to how Fleet Branding stacks up against other ‘traditional’ forms of media.

Media Asset-Value Comparison

Advertising Medium Cost per thousand (CPM)* Cost of equivalent daily effective circulation (DEC)
Television $23.70 $1,445,700
Magazine $21.46 $1,309,060
Newspaper $19.70 $1,201,700
Prime-time television $18.15 $1,107,150
Radio $7.75 $472,500
Outdoor $3.56 $217,160
Fleet graphics (average, annualised) ** $0.48 $30,000

* Based on 61 million Prime DEC annually; average of top 40 media markets from Media Buyers Guide.

** Based on a three-month 3M study in San Francisco.

Reselling your vehicles

For extensive branding, it’s easier and less expensive to unwrap a vehicle than to repaint it when it comes time to sell. For companies with signature colours that you never want the second owner to use, wrapping is a great solution. The vehicle can be cycled while there is still value in it without having to repaint over the signature colour first. Wrap in the signature colour and peel it off when you’re done with the vehicle.

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